Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Small Tomatoes Does Not Equal Small Plants

I seriously overcrowded my little container garden.
Here's a photo of what my plants looked like 10 days ago:

I took out two of the tomatoes and two of the peppers (leaving one of each) and planted them in some pots I had from a previous attempt at growing things. Look at them now!

The tomatoes took off! The peppers didn't shoot up nearly as much, but they look healthy, too. I'm so glad I fixed it. The good news is the chives are still thriving in the over-the-balcony box. If nothing else, at least I've had fresh chives on my potatoes several times already this year.

Hopefully, the next post will include little tomatoes or little peppers!


Anonymous said...

oh man, out garden is a prime example of things growing ou tof control. thats why we have crows and squirles, to pull out and replant (respectively) and make our garden more exciting and give things less chance to grow!

Anonymous said...

also, daddy needs some pointers on his GSLLC blog. it is DRAB. i use capitols because i cannot seem to italisise. seriously, though, drab.
Oh, comments!

Missy said...

You gotta have some adventure in your garden, right?

Of course I'll help!