Monday, June 9, 2008

How come everything's a green trend?

I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio last Saturday morning; a show called Calling All Pets.

The guest was author Hannah Holmes, who discussed her latest book Suburban Safari. The basic synopsis of the book is that there's a world of wildlife in your backyard, you just don't know about it.

It was fairly interesting, but I couldn't help but laugh when the guest mentioned that you could increase the wildlife in your backyard with a trend called "freedom lawns." A freedom lawn basically means you don't put any chemical insecticides or fertilizers on your lawn, and allow a natural variety of plants and bugs.

Freedom lawns? Seriously? Do you know what I call it? A YARD! My parents once again prove to be on the cutting edge of the trends! We never put anything on our yard. My mom's philosophy was that if you waste money making grass grow faster, you have to cut it down more frequently. (And she likes dandelions, thank you very much.) Apparently, not dousing your lawn with poisons is a new concept to some people. That's just too funny.

(A quick footnote: I believe that Holmes was mentioning freedom lawns in jest as well. Less chemicals=good for nature. That's not rocket science. She was doing it and discovered it had an eco-trendy name.)


Green Trend Hater said...

it's getting a little ridiculous with the "green trend" ideas. *sigh* All one should need to think about is, "What happened BEFORE chemicals were introduced into into a lawn-care racket?" I guess it's not obvious to a lot of people that, in this specific instance, there were lawns before Scott's and TruGreen...

Missy said...

I agree, hater.
It's cool that companies are starting to wake up to the idea that biz doesn't have to be at odds with green.
But the whole "trendy" idea is really annoying.

Di said...

yay! for comments, but boo. for the green trends. i was just watching the news this morning on CNN, and there was a whole segment on how it's now trendy to "eat locally" and/or out of your own garden you can grow!! (insert sarcasm here). It's just too bad.