Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Hairband Keeps Me Motivated

(Please enjoy the world's worst jpeg, courtesy of yours truly.)

A week ago, I snapped this hairband while trying to put my hair up. I tied a knot in the hairband and trimmed off the ends. It works just fine. In fact, it's in my hair as I write this.

I scored a great clearance deal on hairbands, I got a pack of 250 for $.49. At about two-tenths of a cent, it wasn't going to break my budget if I threw it away. From an environmental standpoint, one tiny hairband has a very small impact on a landfill.

So, why would I bother? I did it because there was no reason not to do it. It only took a moment, didn't cost me anything, and works just as well now as it did before.

We've been trained to think, "Throw it away, buy a new one." That's not a sustainable way to think. I'm retraining myself to think, "How does this still have value?" The hairband still had value, so there was no reason to throw it away.

Now that I've fixed it, it has even more value. It serves as a reminder that I shouldn't throw something away without a good reason. When I'm not wearing it, I usually keep it wrapped around my pen, where it reminds me several times a day to question whether something heading for the trash still has value.


Di said...

I've used old stretched out hair bands to hold pretty much any kind of electronics cord, as well as posters we're not using at the moment. Heck, I even have one here that's holding together a dozen dried roses on our ledge! (It's cleverly hidden under the decorative ribbon that ripped in half.)

Missy said...

Cords, genius! Rubber bands, you've been replaced!

...Now if I could just keep my cats from devouring any hairbands they find on the floor, I'll be set for life!