Monday, May 12, 2008

Reflections on Mother's Day

Yesterday morning, my daughter called me into her room. I sat on the floor by her bed, talking to her and feeling sentimental over Mother's Day, and what being a mom means to me. She sat up and gave me a big hug, and I thought, "This is why I do what do." The little girl is the reason I cringe when someone tosses a can in the trash, or I see the yellowish smoke belching across the sky from that factory near the bay.

I think of the world I want her to live in, and I owe it to her to make it the best I can for her. That's why I'm striving to live greener. I also want to model good behavior for her, which is why I try to reduce my consumerism and be less wasteful.

I once read a mean-spirited comment on another green blog that has stuck with me. The person who made the comment was charging that if you cared about the environment, you wouldn't have children. That comment continues to bother me, because in truth, without children, why would anyone care about the environment?

If there weren't a single young person in your life (be it child, relative or child of a friend), would you really care about what happened to the environment? The Earth's only gotta last you another eighty years, tops. If there weren't a child that I cared about, I would see little reason to care about what happens when I'm gone. (One might argue that you'd care for other children you've never met, but I don't think many people would sacrifice having children to save the future for the offspring of people who wouldn't make that sacrifice themselves.)

No, I don't live green for myself. I do it for a two-year-old girl with strawberry blond hair. And that's all the reason I need.

photo by: planetka

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