Sunday, April 20, 2008

What do YOU think?

Should the news of "food chain destruction" make us want to live greener faster, or is it too late? Is this just another scare tactic, or something we should really be worried about? I found this article a few minutes ago and couldn't help posting it:

Why Flowers Have Lost Their Scent

It's not too in-depth, but it makes you think about both sides of the story. Should we believe in our country's research teams, or should we believe news that comes from other countries (while considering our own media)?

I personally found the comment section to be very worthwhile...


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to know what to believe when it comes to the current media, but it is nice to know that with Fox News you know it's not true.

Missy said...

While reading the comments, I kept thinking that that no matter which side you believe, someone out there will be too happy to tell you why you are wrong and an idiot. And they will have half a dozen stats to back them up. That just brings up a whole different point of discussion. How can you learn the truth with all of the name calling and fact hurling?