Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

In the past few weeks, I've encountered more and more green new stories, magazine articles, radio spots, TV commercials, etc. All of it lead up to today, a storm of greenwashing larger than any I remember.

It could just be that I'm now more aware of it than before, or that more companies are actually developing a sense of social responsibility. But it seems to me, and forgive me if this seems trite, that Earth Day is being marketed as another reason for thoughtless consumerism.

So, to bastardize a phrase heard at Christmastime, Let's Keep the Earth in Earth Day.

Here's my suggestion. Since Earth Day is our one and only "green" holiday, let's treat it as a Green New Year. A chance to look back on your last year, and make resolutions for the year ahead.

I'll put myself out there first; here are my green resolutions for the year ahead:

Stop Wasting Food. I am terrible about knowing what's in the back of my fridge. Many a green pepper and bowl of leftovers have met their demise back there. To do this I'll need to plan the weekly meals to best use the food we buy, and remember to take those leftovers for lunches.

Cut Down on Unnecessary Driving. That means no more trips across town just because I "feel like going to Target." Now that the weather is nicer, when I get cooped up, I should go outside instead of clearance shopping.

Instill My MSG Values in My Daughter. At her age, that comes down to showing her the beauty of nature (lots of time outside), and the rewarding feeling of doing something for yourself (baking bread for example).

Just like on January First, the challenge here will be to remember these resolutions, and not let them fall to the wayside by mid-May.

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